“ We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb.

Photo Credit: Adriana Schlarb

Photo Credit: Adriana Schlarb

Happy Earth Day!
In addition to being passionate about health and wellness, I’m also passionate about sustainable living. There is a preconceived notion that in order to eat local and organic foods, you’re going to have to shell out some serious dough. In some cases, that may be true but consider the long term benefits to the environment and our bodies! With a little creativity and some know how, you won’t have to compromise your budget or your well-being. Here are a few thoughts and tips on how to eat green and save green.

Quick Tips:
1. Select seasonal produce ,when fruits and veggies are at their best! Not only will you cut down on carbon emissions, but you will also save money since the cost of importing non seasonal items is passed down to you. Bonus points if you keep it local and organic!

2. Pack your own lunch! On average, you can save a whopping $988.00 dollars per year not to mention all the extra waste and calories you’ll avoid by passing on heavily packaged & processed foods! Click here or here for some great ideas on healthy lunch options. Source: Cleverdude.com & Rasisingkids. co.uk

3. If you’re planning to step out for a meal, chow down at a local restaurant that features local and organic menu items. Chances are, these restaurants have their own gardens or may shop from local farmers and bakeries, which is awesome because it supports our local economy.

4. Step away from the treadmill to save some CO2! Go for a light jog or stroll around your neighborhood. Hop onto that old fashioned bicycle! Run some errands or take a spin on a bike path. Call your girlfriends and ask them to join you! Don’t forget to fill a reusable bottle with filtered water so you stay hydrated without adding extra plastic bottles into our landfills.

5. Whole living has come up with a “top ten” list of recession friendly items that really stretch your budget without stretching your waistband! Consider purchasing these groceries from www.spud.com for an awesome “green” alternative to time consuming grocery shopping. spud! is an eco-friendly, home delivery service that specializes in local and organic goods. I recommend starting off with their Fresh Harvest box to ensure you get all your greens in for the week. Did I mention how cute the drivers were 😉 Use promo code CRLAX-SCHCHR for $25.00 off over your first 4 deliveries!

For more information on the benefits of sustainable living, read this awesome article from bethesda green here.

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